The founder of the company is dealing with the wire processing machinery, metal sheet processing machinery as well as with irrigation systems production since 1977. In the 80’s he started dealing with food processing machinery too. In 1993 he founded TECHNOMAC S.A in Thessaloniki-Greece. Τhe company based in our founder’s experience, developed a wide range of products as following:

Range of wire processing machinery covering:

Chain link fencing machines, barbed wire machines, wire coat hanger machines, hinge joint fencing machines, winding machines, mechanical descaling machines, welded wire mesh machines, etc. Furthermore we are business partners with Uemura Iron works one of the higher quality makers in the world of hexagonal wire netting machines.

Range of metal sheet and pipe processing machinery covering:

Multi-drilling and multi-punching machines for fencing poles, roll forming machines for either vineyard or fencing poles, presses and continuous producing lines for items produced by press etc.

Range of irrigation products covering:

Microsprinklers, Sprinklers, drippers, barbed fittings, 5,10,16bar couplings, clamp saddles, filters, hose clamps, PE pipes, drip pipes, wire stretcher, etc.

Finally range of food processing machinery covering:

Sesame-cereal-nuts bars producing lines, sweets’ cutting machines (lokoum, baklava, kunafa etc), lokoum boilers, fruit dryers, etc. As well as pistachio and walnut processing machines like open-closed sorters, empty-full sorters, dryers, peelers, crackers etc.

About 90% of TECHNOMAC’s machinery and 80% of its irrigation fittings are exported all over the world, from Australia to Brazil and from South Africa to Finland.